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Daryl Van Horne

by | 14th, July 2006

“Everyone is fighting for the limelight ‘cos they think it is going to be their only week in the House. It is draining the s*** out of me."

We had never thought of JaYne as a colonic irrigation device. But Nikkki has. That’s what Nikkkkki has to say about JaYne, and to the other new housemates whose names keep escaping us.

It’s like the Witches of Eastwick when the three witches tell each other the name of the Jack Nicholson character. For some reason Daryl Van Horne is a name that does not linger in their memory.

A writer here at Towers assures us that he was at school with a German lad called Helmut Hertz. And, like Daryl Van Horne, that’s not a name you should easily forget.

But you can forget. And so it is with the new housemates. JaYne we know. Her name sticks to the brain like soiled toilet paper to a pair of high heels.

And we do occasionally remember the name Spiral. It too can stick. But we should not dwell on it for too long because our bet is that Spiral is about to be shown the door.

And then there’s that woman who was brought in to translate what Mikey’s been saying for the past seven weeks? But she went native, and now sounds even worse than Mikey. As far as we can tell her name is “Gyny”.

And then there’s the other one, the northern chap who looks a bit like Pete from the back and Spiral from the front. It’s his name that troubles us.

Rumours are that he’s called Daryl. But we can’t be sure. Someone said he is called Helmut and that he dreams in German.

But we can’t be sure…

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