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Big Brother’s JaYne

by | 15th, July 2006

AND then…a thought.

JaYne is revolting. This much we know for sure. She’s like a Dickens caricature made so much flesh, blood and gas. A kind of Mrs Gamp meets Mr Bumble.

If William Hogarth were around today, he’d have transposed JaYne’s face onto that of the dissolute wench in his picture of Gin Lane.

The only difference is that the entire scene would be pebble dashed in the bits of food that spatter from Jayne’s mouth like enemy ack-ack fire.

All true, undeniable so. But none of it any part of the thought that struck we at Our thought is simply that this week’s eviction has been devised to keep JaYne in the house.

Who among the housemates would not have nominated the old food-spitter? Who at home would not have picked up their phone and dialled for JaYne’s removal? None.

But JaYne is memorable – more memorable than her other news housemates, Gyny, Viral and Daryl Van Horne.

So JaYne must stay, at least for one more week. Then she can return to the pebble-dashed home from whence she came.

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