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Denise Richards Is Charlie Sheen’s Love Doll

by | 15th, July 2006

WHILE not to everyone’s taste, Denise Richards manages to add a certain something to her outfit of tight three-quarter-length marble denim jeans and a white bra top with cups seemingly made from severed rabbits’ tails.

But it’s not her. Reading the caption beneath the picture we are shocked to learn that this is a latex doll of the type that once lived with Denise’s estranged husband Charlie Sheen.

The Enquirer says the doll cost Charlie $6,000 and used to share his high-rise apartment on Wiltshire Boulevard.

A source tells us that Charlie once brought in pictures of the doll, a 5-foot-8 brunette, to show the crew on the set of Spin City, the TV show he starred in.

“A few weeks later, he had a couple of hookers over at his place and whipped her out. But instead of being tuned on by the doll, the girls started to make fun of Charlie for having it,” says a source.

Charlie responded by, allegedly, kicking the girls out and chopping off one of his latex lovely’s hands with a knife.

He then told one of his minders to dispose of the doll. “So they rolled it up, tied it with rope, covered it with a blanket and drove around LA at 2am until they found a Dumpster to toss it in.”

While the LAPD police breathe a sigh of relief and stamp “SOLVED” on another suspicious death, we see that Charlie is dating a new lovely.

Her name is Brooke Muller. She started modelling at age 5 and has those trademark LA looks – iron-straight bronze hair, perfect teeth, straight nose, golden tan, in-yer-face smile.

She even acted in a few movies, starring in the straight-to-bargain-bucket film Witchouse.

And looking at Brooke snuggling up to Charlie, she may yet work again. When the made-for-TV movie of Richard v Sheen is made she could easily play the latex doll.

Although what her living in LA, there will be stiff competition for the part…

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