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Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster’s Matching Hair

by | 18th, July 2006

DOES rock music make your hair grow? We only wonder because while the face caves in and the body falls down, an ageing rocker’s hair remains as proud and excited as it did when the wearer was in their pomp.

The Star has a picture of Rod Stewart, he of the shaggy-haired highlights.

Rod and girlfriend Penny Lancaster are in open-topped Ferrari making for Nice Airport. (The car is not big enough to take their son Alastair, who brings up the rear in a people carrier.)

In this picture, Rod wears a hat. You might think the wind in his hair would help maintain his tussled look? But you would be mistaken. You see, Rod spends a lot of money on his barnet.

The Mail says that Rod’s coiffure costs him £6,000 a year. That’s 30 times more than the average British man spends on his bonce. But, then, Rod seems to have 30 times more hair than the average British man.

But, even so, it is a lot of money, and time. The paper says a visit to Rod’s London crimper, Steven Carey, takes five hours and costs £340 a go.

Alongside shots of Rod’s head past and present, the paper calculates that over the course of his career, Rod has spent four months of his life in the hairdressers.

A salon insider says that Rod has highlights and lowlights put in his hair every three weeks. And, incidentally, Penny joins him at the hairdressers, and has matching blonde tints added to her own mane.

But might there not be something more than just dye to Rod’s unchanging locks?

Perhaps it’s dried with a blast of one of his soft rock anthems. Or something by the Rolling Stones or from one of those other bands composed of men with hair that never says die..?

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