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Prince Harry’s Royal Wee

by | 18th, July 2006

SHOULD the next war be settled by a game of polo, Britain will surely fair well.

Barely a week goes by without news of how Officer Prince Harry Wales has been sitting on a horse getting ready for any ensuing battle by slapping a mallet into a ball.

This week, Harry is on manoeuvres at the inter-regimental polo finals in Windsor, Berkshire.

The Mirror’s war correspondent pops along to see the war games, and watch Harry making his way to a horsebox.

There, Harry unbuttons his Royal flies on his Royal jodhpurs and urinates in one corner. A small crowd has gathered to watch, including Harry’s lover Chelsy Davy.
They look on as Harry re-buttons himself and make his way back to the fray.

But while the Sun hears laughter, the Mirror hears an eyewitness moan about it being bad enough mucking out the horses without cleaning up after non-toilet trained royals.

But surely this is all part and parcel of war. War is ugly and brutal. There is no time to go to the toilet when the battle rages.

Although, there is a break for tea…

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