Anorak News | Coleen McLoughlin Watches Wayne Rooney Caged

Coleen McLoughlin Watches Wayne Rooney Caged

by | 18th, July 2006

WHAT’S this? Wayne Rooney behind bars in France. How can it be?

The Sun calms our fears that young Wayne has been pinched by the Gendarmerie as he holidays in the South of France. It correctly realises that even in the La Belle Republique police rarely if ever wear fluorescent stockings and suspenders outside the station.

What we are seeing is Wayne at the Palais Nightclub in Cannes. Wayne, Coleen McLoughlin and their pals were in the VIP area drinking champagne and cocktails and generally bringing a bit of Baden-Baden to the French Riviera.

A song came on and it was time to dance. A source explains more: “While the girls were throwing shapes, Wayne couldn’t help but stand and ogle a go-go dancer who was putting on a show in a cage.”

While Coleen formed herself into a triangle, then a square, all the while building up to the thrilling finale when she and three friends form a perfect tetrahedron, Wayne gawped.

“The dancer clocked Wayne looking at her and started beckoning seductively with her finger for him to join,” says the source. He even took his shirt off.

“He latched on to her like he’d been given a decent through-ball,” says this insider. But, just like at the world Cup, Wayne did not score.

Sure, the dancer is rumoured to have been an active 59-year-old grandma, but Wayne is beyond that sort of thing.

Besides, Coleen was watching…

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