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by | 19th, July 2006

“YOU’LL remember my dad,” says Jon Gaunt in the Sun. Er… “…a former police officer, died eight weeks ago.”

Oh, him. We’re sorry to hear of your loss, Jon… “He collapsed at Heathrow after retuning from Thailand.”

Dad died with £250 of unused Amex travellers’ cheques. And since his death Jon hasn’t heard so much as a peep from the big finance company about getting the cash to his mum. And remember his dad was a copper.

Even Jon’s brother is on the case. “Yesterday my brother finally managed to talk to a human…in Salt Lake City or was it India?”

Dunno. What was it? Salt Lake City – the capital of Utah, USA, home to Mormons and the sighting of the Pioneer Memorial Museum (“noted as the world’s largest collection of artifacts on one particular subject”)?

Or India – second most populated country on the planet, once the jewel in the British Empire and birth place of no less than five Miss World winners?

Jon’s brother is unsure. But he does know that Amex has closed down their office in Brighton (UK or Michigan?). So having already sent the information there, Jon and his family “needed to send everything again – to the States!”.

Imagine that! Having to send off the documents for your dad’s American Express travellers’ cheques to America. Pah!

“American Express should hang their heads in shame…and they should also GIVE MY MUM MY DAD’S CASH,” says Jon.

That they should. And we only ask that Jon tells us all about it when he gets his wish…

Family: Father (deceased), mother, brother
Story: My poor old mum
Tone: Outraged

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