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Christina Aguilera’s Biggest Fan

by | 20th, July 2006


No, not the words of a groupie, some star struck fan waiting beneath a hotel window for a glimpse of their idol, but a headline inspired by the Sun’s Victoria Newton (“showbiz writer of the year”).

Victoria’s paean to Christina Aguilera tells readers that the singer has been “brave” and chosen to “follow her heart” in recording a new album of jazz-style track that show off her “sensational” voice.

But before we place our order for a copy of the album, or just get one free in tomorrow’s Sun, the Star tells us more of what to expect from Christina.

Called Back To Basics -a wry dig at former UK Prime Minister John Major’s ironic sex-laced campaign for a more restrained Britain – Christina is “Dirrtier than ever”.

One song opens with the line: “Come here big boy, now you better give me a taste, put your icing on my cake.” Not for no reason does the Star call Christina the “filthy one”.

The Mail is just as excited at Christina’s invitation to bake. But before dusting Christina’s Victoria Sponge, the paper that the singer has removed her right nipple ring, the final part of the 12 body piercings that once punctuated her petite frame, including one in her “nether regions”.

The Mail looks on as the singer is photographed in Paris. Peering hard, the Mail sees Christina in “a sheer top, sans bra and piercings”.

And we nod. Victoria Newton is right – Christina is “brave”…

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