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Is Sienna Miller Cheating On Jude Law?

by | 20th, July 2006

REPORTS are sketchy. Things have yet to be confirmed. But we are receiving news over the wires that Sienna Miller is an actress.

Until now, it had been believed Sienna’s job was that of professional girlfriend and friend to the young and famous, people like Jude Law and Keira Knightley, respectively. Sienna was also a fulltime blonde and had been seen wearing clothes in a professional capacity.

And now there is another string to Sienna’s bow. And in the Mirror we learn more of her new life as an actress.

The Mirror says that Sienna is in Toronto making a movie called Camille. And it hears rumours that she has been cheating on her boyfriend, the aforesaid Jude, with co-star James Franco.

Readers hear of reports that Sienna has been spotted “passionately kissing” the actor and that they have enjoyed each other’s company on a string of dates.

So Jude has broken short a family holiday in Europe with ex-wife Sadie Frost, their three children and his stepson and flown to Canada to confront his lover.

For her part, Sienna says she has done nothing wrong. Sure, Franco has written her love poems, but things have gone no further.

We have no reason to doubt her. But if something has been going on between Sienna and Franco, we urge Jude to tread lightly.

Sienna is attempting to keep many balls in the air at once, and she may have confused her parts. Or have been acting…

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