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Jennifer Aniston Slides Off

by | 20th, July 2006

“JEN’S Big Fat Greek wedding.”

Is there anything about Jennifer Aniston’s life that is not linked to a movie or a TV show?

We can trace the branding of Jen back to the day her hair became “Rachel hair”, and you could buy it in a bottle of shampoo.

Right now Jen is involved in a tedious and wholly dull are-they-aren’t-they romance with tall actor Vince Vaughn. If they aren’t, then they will Break-Up, which is, naturally, the title of Jen’s new movie.

And if they are, then Jen will have a Big Fat Greek Wedding, just like the movie of that name.

Jen’s representative would neither confirm nor deny the Enquirer’s front-page news that Jen dreams of getting married in Greece, land of her father.

A source tells us: “She loves the people, the food and the culture, and she would love nothing more than to sneak off to Greece and tie the knot with Vince Vaughn.

It’s hard to imagine a star like Jen sneaking off anywhere. A-list celebrities like Jen don’t sneak – they relocate and put up a massive screen around their compound. They make us on the outside dream that they on the inside are doing something more exciting than washing their hair.

But if Jen is to marry in Greece than surely she must contact the Government of that land and petition them to make some changes.

Jen’s a mobile brand, and if her wedding is to have a film element the country must from now on and forever more be known as Grease. It’s the word. And like Jen, it’s available for hire…

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