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Mel Gibson – Hair By Jesus

by | 21st, July 2006

AND so the Mail’s “They’re Just Like You And Me – Probably Worse!” campaign to reduce the great and good in stature.

Today the focus is on Mel Gibson. The man who famously relocated the story of Jesus Christ to an S&M club in Los Angeles has been the recipient of a miracle.

We have long wondered how Mel would be rewarded for his seminal work The Passion of the Christ. And now, thanks to the Mail, we know. In his infinite wisdom, God has restored Mel’s hair to former glories. Halleluja! Heaven be praised.

The paper produces a shot of Mel in his Lethal Weapon heyday. Taking a break from shooting people in the face, spiritual Mel has hair that is both bushy and long. That was 1987. In 2004, we see a picture of Mel’s wandering hairline and, maintaining his religious theme, his “ever-more-apparent temples”.

But now Mel is hairy of head once more. The paper looks on as Mel emerges from his hairdresser in California. His temples and scalp are now secreted under much bouncy, lush hair.

Understandably, speculation is rife as to how this miracle has been achieved. And the Mail hears a spokesperson from a trichological centre in London say Mel has “probably had either a hair transplant or a top-of-the-range hairpiece put in”.

Perhaps. Perhaps not. Or just perhaps Mel’s hair is fed by the power of prayer and belief?

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