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Madonna & Guy Adopt Brad Pitt’s Lawyer

by | 21st, July 2006

CAN we trust you not to tell anyone? We can? Ok. Come closer. Closer. Madonna and Guy Ritchie are “secretly planning to adopt a baby”.

And so long as you don’t tell, and the Sun doesn’t tell, and none of the Sun’s readers tell, Madonna and Guy can keep their secret intact.

But it’s hard not to spill the beans to one and all when we read that Madonna has contacted adoption agencies in the America and UK.

And the couple have been doing their research, asking Brad Pitt what he and Angelina Jolie think of adopting. Madoona and Guy have even hired Brad’s adoption lawyer.

As a source whispers to the Sun: “They both love children and are desperate to expand their family. And Guy’s dad John says in hushed tones: “Nothing would make me happier than if they adopted, Lourdes and Rocco [the couple’s two children] would love it, too.”

And in October, when Madonna finishes her Confessions world tour, the Sun says she and her husband will begin in earnest.

But what is to say they have not already begun the search? A world tour seems the ideal way to scour the globe for a new family member. Although looking through the itinerary, we can see no dates in Cambodia, Ethiopia or Namibia. But things can always change…

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