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Naomi Campbell Arrested

by | 21st, July 2006

PROGRESS is being made. Naomi Campbell no longer lashes out at maids, as has been alleged many times.

On Monday we heard news of how Naomi had been venting her anger on furniture and soft furnishings aboard a boat belonging to her boyfriend Dubai-born prince Badr Jafar.

And now we read that Naomi has been shouting at houses. While this may be odd behaviour for most of us, it represents a softening of Naomi’s mood, and we applaud it.

Naomi is said to have gone berserk when she arrived at the London home of the aforesaid Jafar. It seems that the pair are no longer an item, and at 3:30am Naomi arrived to pick up some belongings. But Jafar, who is said to have dumped the model, would not let her in.

Perhaps fearing for the safety of his curtains and cushion covers, Jafar barred entry to his Belgravia home. So Naomi began shouting at the house and treating it in a rough manner.

It is believed that no mobile phones were thrown, no maids were attacked and not a single cushion cover was abused. But police did attend the scene and arrest Naomi for breach of the peace.

She was driven to a nearby street and ordered to calm down. She was then, as one eyewitness says, “de-arrested” and sent home.

Meanwhile, police went back to the prince’s home and took possession of Naomi’s clothes and other inanimate objects…

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