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Big Brother Goes Nuts In July

by | 22nd, July 2006

Perhaps she was deficient in vitamin D? Perhaps some kind of SAD syndrome can explain why Imogen has been routinely slow in thought and deed.

Whatever the explanation, the sun has come out and Imogen seems to have awoken. JaYne, expecting the usual doe-eyed and big vacuous toothy grin reply from Imogen, asked if the Welsh girl wanted pasta for breakfast.

“Pasta for breakfast, pasta for lunch, pasta for dinner, pasta for supper," said Imogen. What’s this? “Oooh, what shall we have for breakfast?,” asked Imogen. “What about a bit of pasta."

This was a Mike Leigh moment. Was Imogen about to start berating Lawrence (JaYne) and start referring to herself as Candice-Marie?

Well, no. This is Imogen, and a quip will not stretch to a Play for Today. And rather than develop a scene, she worked on the central gag. “Oooh, what about lunch… how about some pasta?" she went on.

"Ooooh, what shall we have for dinner?” she asked. “I know, pasta!” Imogen was now hitting her stride. "Oooooh, what’s for supper? Oooh a bit of pasta, dry pasta, with no sauce."

Ok. Ok, enough already. We get the joke. But the joke keeps coming. And like Keith in that Nuts In May tent, Imogen has hit upon something and doesn’t know when to stop…

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