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Big Brother Snoozie’s Twisted Knickers

by | 24th, July 2006

"Okay guys, Susie has a question. Who has been trying on her underwear?"

Richard likes to ask questions. He likes to sit down on his buttocks in what looks like a yoga position of some kind and chat. Richard sits upright in an unnatural way. Only babies and men who have a poker up them sit so erect. And Richard is no baby.

To explain: Snoozie thinks her knickers have been tampered with. They have been tampered with. Mikey, Darly Van Horne and Viral have tampered with them. And, no, Snoozie was not wearing them at the time. Viral was.

"She’s not assuming, she’s just asking," went on Richard, who has habit of going on and on and on. Why Richard should be the mediator in the knicker scandal is open to debate, but we believe that as the self-styled voice of gay men he imagines himself a worldly-wise metrosexual and ideally placed to talk about knickers in a knowing and unbiased way.

But Richard could only go so far. And Snoozie stepped in to ask: "I’m curious to know what you were trying to achieve."

Viral said it had been "a joke". "Oh, it was a joke. Hahahahahaha," said Snoozie. "That was so funny…hilarious."

It wasn’t that funny. And it might be that Snoozie had found her warmed knickers and in the process of putting them on had somehow got them into a twist.

Look out for her sitting bolt upright, like Richard…

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