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Prince Charles Protects His Camilla

by | 25th, July 2006

NOEL Edmonds devotees (who now include the entire Daily Mail readership) know that Another Person’s Gain Is Not Your Loss.

So we imagine they will be more than happy to fork out £1.8m to guard Prince Charles’s erstwhile mistress Camilla Parker Bowles’ empty mansion.

The paper says the figures “make a mockery” of a claim last month by Prince Charles’s private secretary that Camilla was costing the taxpayer a mere £2,000 a year.

And Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker called it “a grotesque waste of money”.

“My understanding is that she hardly ever lives there,” he told the Mail. “She lives with Prince Charles and isn’t she protected by him.”

Indeed she is. Any stalker driven to madness by Camilla’s charms will not only have to get past ex-Naval officer Charles but also his ex-Marine brother Edward.

The living embodiment of Noel’s old adage – People Are Not Born Strong, They Become That Way.

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