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Joanna Taylor Wants To Cry

by | 25th, July 2006

“I THINK that when I walk down the street everyone is looking at me wishing they were me because I am the luckiest person in the world.”

Luck with a degree of planning. Joanna Taylor-Murphy, actress and footballer’s wife, is pregnant. And she conceived with the aid of IVF.

And you can stop looking at her and dreaming of being her because there can be only one Joanna.

But you can read bout her. And Joanna tells OK! about baby “M”, her “traumatic miscarriage”, the “emotional strain of going through IVF” and how the “heartache” has brought her closer to Danny, her footballer.

First up, Joanna wants us to know that every single day “I cry”. And the first thing she will do when she and her baby “meet” is to cry.

Joanna may very well be crying as you pass her on the street and wish you could be pregnant like her.

She may be welling up inside as she tells OK! about her laparoscopy, polycystic ovaries and endometriosis, her eyes becoming dewy as she tells the world about Clomid, IUI and Zeta West, a pregnancy specialist. Joanna has read some of Ms West’s books. You can read them if you like. They are real tearjerkers.

Zeta introduced Joanna to a Mr Taranissi, and he met with Joanna and her footballer. “He’s going to get us our baby,” said Joanna after their first meeting.

Joanna was given an intravenous immune globulin drip. But she had low levels of HCG. And that’s not good. But later the level rose and that was good. And now Joanna is eight months pregnant.

And everyone is staring at her…

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