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Double The Fun

by | 26th, July 2006

SIX people are up for eviction. The mass cull that JaYne began continues.

But who will it be. Dimogen & Snoozie? Viral & Daryl Van Horne? Or Richard & Pete?

And think carefully. Whoever goes will be forever tethered to their co-reject. This is the cruellest of all cruel and unusual punishments for any wannabe celebrity.

They all want to be famous. But they are destined to stand not alone but with another. They will share an audience with Davina. They will enjoy their week of fame together. They will pose for pictures together. They will very possibly fall drunk and disorderly out of a taxi together.

So who will it be? Who do you dislike so much that you will ruin their chance of fame.

It can’t be Pete and Richard. Perhaps if Pete went the gay way the two could have a meaningful relationship. But Pete show no signs of interest in the self-styled “sexual terrorist”.

What about Viral & Daryl Van Horne? Their problem is that both are forgettable. As the invitation to the post-show party goes out, who will remember to send them one?

Big Brother Producer 1: Did you invite whathisname and the guy with Celine Dion’s old tooth?
BB Producer 2: No. I thought you did.
BB1: But I thought you did.
BB2: No matter. No-one will notice.

And there are Snoozie & Dimogen. Both are hungry for fame – Snoozie’s hungry enough to pretend to eat a £4,000-worth of KitKats.

But perhaps things will not go as we say? Rather then being reality TV’s answer to Hale & Pace, one of the two will rise up.

Perhaps one half of the double act will go on to achieve a lasting fame, leaving the other half bitter and doomed to appear on the other’s This Is Your Life and deliver an amusing anecdote from the time they were both starting out as equals.

So who will go?

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