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Orlando Bloom’s Living Kate Bosworth Doll

by | 26th, July 2006

ARE these the beginnings of a new craze in Hollywood?

Having learned that Charlie Sheen once shared his home with a life-sized latex doll, we read the Star’s news with interest.

“Bloom’s girl is a real doll,” says the headline. And reading on we hear that Orlando Bloom, for it is he, has taken to carrying a doll around with him.

Orlando is dating Kate Bosworth, and his new doll is an effigy of her as Lois Lane, the character she plays in the latest Superman movie.

Says Kate: “He loves it. He carries it with him everywhere he goes. We’ve had some strange looks but he won’t leave it.”

She goes on: “It looks nothing like me but he thinks she looks cute.”

We are sure the doll is a real dish. And though the real Kate is made of unaided flesh and bone, there might be something quintessentially Hollywood about stepping out with a plastic mannequin.

The Star fails to tell us the dimensions of this doll but we imagine it to be around five-feet tall, with limbs that never put on weight, hair than maintains it youthful bounce whatever the weather, breasts that defy gravity and a demeanour of refined seduction.

If Orlando could only induce his doll to deliver a line we may be looking at the hottest couple in Hollywood…

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