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Jennifer Aniston & Victoria Beckham’s Legs

by | 27th, July 2006

SPURIOUS reason to feature an article about Jennifer Aniston No.3965A.

A picture of Jennifer is on the cover of the Express. And there’s a headline to go with the image: “Why Jennifer Aniston’s legs are just perfect.”

We have no idea why this should be the case and keen to learn we dip inside the paper. Therein we read that a survey by Braun says men like Jen’s legs best.

And it is because men look for legs with solid thighs and chunky calves. This is a day of mixed emotions for Jen.

On the other hand, women are said to prefer legs that are long and with prominent calf muscles. Legs like those worn by Victoria Beckham.

This is deeply fascinating. And what’s more it is based on scientific fact. Dr Andre Hill, professor of medical psychology at Leeds University, says: “Men aren’t interested in this Barbie-shaped extraordinary figure…It’s not surprising at all that men like more generous and shapely legs.”

So well done Jen on having generous legs. You must be delighted…

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