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Tori Spelling’s Dynasty

by | 27th, July 2006

WHEN Tori Spelling was cast as one of the beautiful people in the TV show Beverley Hills 90210 we scratched our heads and tossed back our golden hair.

We then noticed that the show had been created by Aaron spelling, Tori’s dad. Things began to make sense.

But today we read in the Mail that daddy will only do so much. And that Tori has been left just £110,000 in her father’s will.

To many of us this would be decent sum of money. While not enough to buy a buy a home it represents the chance to pay off student debts or buy a new Chloe handbag.

But to Tori it is peanuts. Aaron was worth £270million. And the paper says her inheritance is a result of the pair falling out months before his death.

But even with a falling out, Tori could have expected more. The Mail says she was said to be expecting around £100million. And that the £110,000 is not all that much more than the £30,000 Aaron left to his home decorator and the £15,000 he bequeathed to the woman who looks after his widow Candy’s nails.

So, as American magazine US Weekly reports, Tori will contest the will. Aaron was said to be suffering from Alzheimer’s before his demise and Tori claims that left him in no fit condition to alter his will.

So things could end up in court. And with mum Candy and Tori reported to be not on the best of terms, it could be quite a show – and one in which Tori is qualified to star…

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