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by | 28th, July 2006

GERI Halliwell was always an exceptional talent.

Geri broke the mould of popular entertainers. While they who have gone before her have been able to sing and not dance or dance and not sing, groundbreaking Geri could do neither. She was new and she was exciting.

But now Geri is a mother and an ex-Spice Girl. As such, she needs a new direction for her career and, as the Star reports, she is to be an actress.

What with this being Geri, chances are high that she will bring her unique ability to the job and be a non-acting actress.

And what better place for someone blessed with such talents than the cobbled and bloodstained streets of EastEnders?

And even better news is that rather then getting Geri to play a part the show’s producers will create a part especially for Geri.

And just as soon as they’ve found how to incorporate a red-haired unmarried mother of one in a Union Jack dresses and matching knickers into the plot, she may well be in…

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