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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Bone

by | 28th, July 2006

FOR every one Drew Barrymore, there are many Macaulay Culkins who fail to grow with their audience.

The tiny frame, clean complexion and sassy mouth that looked engaging on a six-year-old looks creepy and unnerving on the face of a thirty year old man.

And mindful of that we turn to the Sun and read “Hairy Botter – STAR DANIEL NAKED FOR STAGE ROLE.”

News is that Daniel Radcliffe, who plays the class swot in the Harry Potter films, is now 17 years old. That is shock enough, but there is more. He is to star in a stage play in which he will be seen “simulating a sex act while riding on a horse”.

There is a temptation to applaud Daniel’s versatility and agility. But his stagecraft is overshadowed by something else, something almost morbid.

Daniel is to star in Equus, in which he will play Alan Strang who enjoys an “erotic relationship with horses”.

For fans of the Harry Potter movies who have wondered when the boy wizard will get it on with Hermione Granger (she’s the Debbie McGee to Potter’s Paul Daniels), this seems unfair. Potter has not even kissed his paramour and now he’s off frotting horses.

But there it is. People who have been mentally undressing Daniel for years can now get a load of his magic wand when the production opens in 2007.

And Harry Potter is finally put to bed…

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