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The Eternal Triangle

by | 28th, July 2006

“ANGELINA walks in on Brad & Jen!”

The three-way relationship that Jennifer Aniston, for it is she, compared to the Bermuda Triangle – although no-one has disappeared – delivers more shocks.

But what’s this? There is a caveat. The image conjured by that front-page headline is of a woman walking in on her man in the throes of passion with another woman.

Angelina gasps for air, like a plucked trout. Jen gathers the Egyptian cotton sheets to her bosom, pulling them up to her chin. Her face is hidden behind so much golden, to-die-for hair.

And Brad? Why, he peels back a corner of the covers, taps the bed with his hand and grins.

But it is for nought. Turning the page, half expecting to learn that the triangle has been completed by Jen and Ange agreeing that Brad is a loser and declaring their love for one another, we see the smaller print.


The Enquirer says that – irony or ironies – now it is Jen who threatens to split Brad up from Angelina. And that Angelina “exploded” when she caught Brad on the phone to Jen. “Angelina reacted like she’d caught Brad and Jennifer in bed,” claims an insider.

Only she hadn’t. And it is we who feel a little cheated…

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