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Friends Like These

by | 30th, July 2006

IT is estimated that it takes an average celebrity a full four years to ditch all their old school chums and childhood friends and replace them with better looking and more newsworthy celebrity pals.

Proper celebrities, of course, get round this problem by only hanging out with other celebrities from the moment they’re born – but, when you’re suddenly thrust into the spotlight like Ashley Cole and his lovely Cheryl, then this is a thorny issue.

Especially when OK! is covering your wedding.

Not that you’d know that this unwanted debris of a former life was even there from the photos, which for the most part concentrate on celebrity friends like the Sugababes and, er, Simon from Blue.

(The ugly ones in a thumbnail snapshot hidden away in some remote corner of the magazine are invariably either these unairbrushed childhood friends or members of the OK! team gorging on the free grub.)

But what do you do when one of these ugly friends is dating one of the celebrities? Step forward, Nicola Roberts (the ugly one from Girls Aloud) and her “long-term” love Carl Egerton.

Now, step back very quickly, the pair of you. You’re ruining Ashley and Cheryl’s big day…

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