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The Wedding Show

by | 31st, July 2006

CONGRATULATIONS to Pamela Anderson who has just been married.

And there are three more weddings to go as she and husband Kid Rock (nee Bob Ritchie) plan to follow their wedding St Tropez with dos in Malibu, Detroit and Nashville.

And why stop there? Looking at the wedding in the South of France – fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger tells the Star it was pure “rock and roll” – we call for The Pam & Kid Wedding Experience to go on and on.

And only minimal set-up costs are required. The entire France event required a white bikini with “Just Married” printed on the rear of the lower section (Pam), a pair of jeans and a hat (Kid).

The party boat is an optional extra, being as it is part of what you’d expect to see in St Tropez. And in London the reception could just as easily be held in a red phone box, in Dublin a pub and in Munich a pair of leather and felt lederhosen.

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