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Time For An Egg

by | 31st, July 2006

“WE had a lot if inquiries. We said OK, this is a big issue – people can’t even boil an egg.”

The spokesman for Lion Quality Eggs, the assurance wing of the British Egg Information Service, says her organisation recognises the problem and seeks to solve it.

Eggs and the cooking of are a burning issue. If eggs are to be a real fast food, as some advertising campaign for them once told us, they need to move with the times.

We know that to make a meal from shrivelled vegetables, seasoning powders and a sachet of sauce by pouring boiled water on top up to the “fill line”. Ingredients come in a handy plastic cup.

Eggs need to speed things up. The world moves on apace and eggs must roll with it. The microwavable egg in a shell would do much good for the eggs fast food pretensions. The “official site for British Lion quality eggs” features “quick and easy recipes”. Speed is of the essence.

And steps have been made. And we read in the Times of the egg that tells you when it is cooked.

The “self-timing” egg does not cheap “I’m ready”, when boiled to a turn. Instead, the shell has been impregnated with a heat-sensitive invisible ink.

Buyers will select either “hard”, “medium or “soft” eggs from the supermarket shelves. They will heat a pan of water to boiling point (look for bubbles; if using sparkling water, look for hot bubbles) and place the eggs in said pan.

The diner will then stand over the pan until the ink of the eggs becomes visible.

Though a marked improvement, this is far from ideal. What diners really want is to be able to leave the egg to cook while they pour an enlivening glass of hot tea.

And then there is the issue of how a changeable shell will let us know when a fried egg is ready? Should we leave bits of shell in it? We need to know…

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