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Exhausting Excuses

by | 1st, August 2006

WHEN the Mirror says Lindsay Lohan is “attention seeking” it knows what it is talking about.

The paper had wanted to bring back its WMD counter which told its readers how many days had passed without any sign of Weapons of Mass Destruction being found in Iraq. But up popped attention seeking Lindsay in a blue bikini and everything changed.

So now there are two pages dedicated to the attention seeker. She’s “the baddest girl in showbiz”. So bad is Lindsay that she can count Kate Moss among her friends. They’ve been pole-dancing together. That’s as bad as bad can be.

And now Lindsay is suffering from “exhaustion”. But James G Robinson, producer of Lindsay’s latest movie, Georgia Rules, is less certain.

He says Lindsay’s excuses are “bogus”. In a letter to the star, he calls her a “spoiled child” who has “alienated” co-workers and “endangered” the quality of the picture.

That’s the picture called Georgina Rules. That’s G. E.O. etc. Such are the wiles of Hollywood that we are forced to question if Lindsay’s now famed badness is not a neat way to promote a movie?

And one day after the missive from her boss, the Mirror says Lindsay has been back to her old ways – “shopping”, “frolicking” in the surf with lover Harry Morton and “wearing” a skimpy blue bikini.

The Sun’s Victoria Newton says, “I caught her hard at work the next day…surfing in Malibu with her boyfriend.”

Bravely the Sun’s showbiz writer uses the full range of her telephoto lens and peering out a window in the Sun’s London offices towards California takes six photographs of the star at play.

The pictures of “Lazy Lohan” are shocking. And looking at them will most possibly rot your mind…

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