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by | 2nd, August 2006

Whose is the voice on the end of other Big Brother automated telephony system?

Even Big Brother is no longer interested in this bunch of housemates and has left. The last eight are now controlled by a robot.

Aisleyne read out the words pinned to the Diary Room door: “Press one to leave a message, two to make a request, zero to leave the Diary Room.”

As the automated messing system says: “Welcome to automated Big Brother. Your visit may be recorded for training and security purposes. Big Brother is unavailable at present.”

The housemates will nominate using the automated system. But will it work?

Many of us have used such systems and been met with the sound of a voice asking us to press “the button”. We press the button.

“Please press the button?” says the voice.
We press the button.

“Please press the button,” says the voice.
We press the button.

“Please press the button,” says the voice.

We press another button to speak with a human. We are angry. The human (let’s call her JaYne) says she does not like our tone and hangs up. We slam the phone into a wall. We cry.

Which makes us wonder if the votes will be picked up properly? Or if housemates will think they have nominated but in truth just been ignored.

Big Brother is not there. And the housemates can remain in the house until he returns. Which may be never.

Oh, and that automated voice? Well it must be Davina’s – she’s been repeating the same old thing for an age…

“Yeah, the show has definitely suffered.” That’s what Dermot O’Leary has to say about Big Brother post Nikki.

“There’s something unbelievably endearing about the girl,” the show’s host goes on. “I don’t know why she was evicted.”

He doesn’t? While Nikkki dances in a London club and screams “The show’s over. I’m the winner”, we look at what’s left of the programme and try to understand.

And the conclusion is that, save for Pete, Richard and Aisleyne, no-one talks.

Did we vote for Nikkki (and who did?) because we thought she was monopolising the show? With Nikkki gone, the rest would flourish.

If this was the plan, it was wrong. Since Nikkki left, we have heard Mikey says “Yer see right” twice and smile 15 times; Glyn continue his impression of Peter Sellers in Goodness Gracious Me, albeit without the laughs; Snoozie almost open her mouth; Imogen open her mouth to show her smiley teeth; and Gyny frown twice, smile once and breathe.

For all of this bunch winning is the thing. They want that £100,000 first prize. And good luck to them. But we want action and entertainment.

Problem is that the reward for delivering that is to be nominated by your housemates and evicted. 



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