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Prayer Booked

by | 3rd, August 2006

“I KNOW that praying can make a difference in my work, but it’s all a question of faith,” says Inspector Andy McManus, of Lincolnshire Christian Police Association.
Amen to that. What we need is more faith in the system. “We believe faith can move mountains,” says he.

And faith can solve crimes. As the Mail reports, the local Lincolnshire police have introduced the Prayer Watch scheme, a “spiritual twist” on the more secular Neighbourhood Watch programme.

The new scheme will not supersede other anti-crime measures, and locals should still keep ‘em peeled, possibly praying with their eyes open lest someone creep up behind them and steal their wallet, spectacles or hymn book.

The routine for Prayer Watch is simple. Churches in the area will be sent regular emails about crimes committed in their area.

The preacher will possibly include these misdemeanours in his address to the congregation, who will in turn pray for wrongs to be righted.

“Let the man who stole Mrs Miggins’ pension book be struck down by a mighty thunderbolt from high.” Amen. “Let the Earth open up and verily I say swallow up whole the woman who illegally parked on the crossing and necessitated my going about.” Amen.

“Let all villains burn in Hell for all eternity, and the insurance claim for last week’s burglary at my struggling family run wool and knitting shop be generous and munificent.”


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