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by | 3rd, August 2006

WELL, I’ll be working hard to reach me target/ To earn a few bob for a day trip down to Margate…”
Ah, the old ‘uns are always the good ‘uns. And no-one was older than Chas & Dave, North London’s finest Cockney geysers, who were born with full beards and wearing granddad shirts.

“You can keep the costa Brava and all that palava…”

Big Brother is in Margate. And Imogen may soon be joining him there.

Imogen is up for eviction. And when she leaves the house Margate is as good a place as any to head for.

There are two theatres in the Kent seaside resort and chances are one will present a pantomime sometime soon – so long as Imogen can keep smiling she stands a more than decent chance of playing Aladdin.

Of course, she may not be going. Indeed, Imogen may be the only one staying. The automated Big Brother machine conked out after saying the word Imogen. It added an “and…” and then died.

So Imogen might be going? Or it might be the others who are up for the chop? Or they could all be safe. Or they could all be locked up forever.

Meanwhile, the rest of us can catch rockney Chas & Dave in Margate this September.

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