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Oops! He Did It Again

by | 4th, August 2006

THE drive to make politicians popular moves on apace.

Having seen two Tory MPs handing out free lollies from an ice-cream van earlier in the week, the Sun spots another of their number wooing votes.

It’s the blond fop Boris Johnson, showing us that he is uniquely in tune with the yoof as she drives along the motorway.

Boris is not a customised hot-hatch, a massive base speaker hanging from the car’s open boot as he races through Slough, nor is he turning doughnuts in a supermarket car park.

For now, the Sun spots Boris driving in the manner of Britney Spears. There’s Boris in his Lamborghini Gallardo motoring up the M6 motorway near Rugby, Warwickshire.

And there on the front seat of his car are sat two of his children. Granted Britney had a child on her lap as she drove along, but Boris is trying and he has doubled up on the child count.

An RAC safety consultant says this is “grossly irresponsible”. And that’s just terrific. So much for fuddy-duddy Tories and jam making. They live life on the edge these boys.

And they laugh in the face of danger. As Boris tells the paper: “The boys had a seatbelt on and I didn’t think they were in any danger.”

And from here there can be so much more. Look out for Ann Widdecombe and David Cameron performing their new single at the Tory Party conference in the manner of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

And pay special attention to that wardrobe malfunction…

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