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Air Kisses

by | 4th, August 2006

DOES airbrushing come in different strengths? Is there a kind of Beaufort Scale for eradicating lines, veins and enlarged pores?

Will a “light breeze” from the airbrush gun remove a few thread lines from they corner of the eyes? Set the airbrush to “near gale” and watch as years of hard living are blown away?

If there is – and isobars are just lines in the sky – Victoria Beckham looks to have been the victim of a “severe gale”.

Though short of “hurricane”– a setting reserved for Hollywood’s finest – Vicky’s complexion suggests she has been hit by blast of 47-54 winds.

And David, who folds his arms around Vicky – possibly to prevent her from blowing away – shows only the lightest hint of skin creasing.

OK! promises that this is a “WORLD EXCLUSIVE”. The magazine invites its readers to go “ON HOLIDAY WITH THE BECKHAMS”. There are “AMAZING PICTURES” and “INTIMATE WORDS”.

Last month the Beckhams marked seven years of marriage and they celebrated by holidaying in Italy.

We see them on designer Roberto Cavalli’s yacht. They lay back together, their faces wrapped in huge sunglasses, hers black, his white.

They are in a restaurant. An onlooker spots them. “Even though the restaurant was packed with diners, they seemed totally oblivious to any of them. They simply sat there staring into each other’s eyes, stroking each other and kissing.”

Kissing? Or blowing kisses…with force…

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