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by | 6th, August 2006

And so to the post-eviction interview with Davina, who addresses her special guest star in the manner of a care worker talking to a mentally negligible client.

Mikey went first.

Davina: You thought you’d be in till the end, why do you think you’re out now?

Mikey: Errrrrrm. I had a bad week this week. Errrrrrm. There’s lots of strong characters in there. I don’t know. Errrrrm. I’ve had a few arguments this week I suppose.

Goodbye Mikey. The only time we understood what you were saying was when you were on your way out. Tatty bye. Tatty bye.

And so it was Snoozie’s turn. Davina would have to earn her crust with this one. Something more than face pulling and shouting would be needed. Davina would have to dig very deep.

Davina: Why did you not do anything in there?

Snoozie: What did I have to do?

We at were warming to Snoozie. It was a great question, and better than any of Davina’s.

Davina: I felt for someone who wanted it so bad, you have to embrace Big Brother by being daft and letting your hair down.

And therein lies the error of this series. It is all about manufacturing big moments. And the catalyst is always booze.

Big Brother thrives on the normal, letting the contestants do their thing, however dull. Remember how when the show began the idea of broadcasting footage of people sleeping was seen as daring? Here was Snoozie apparently in some kind of catatonic trance – what more leading edge TV than that? She had to do nothing. Nothing is what the show is all about.

Jerry Seinfeld: I am so busy doing nothing… that the idea of doing anything – which as you know, always leads to something – cuts into the nothing and then forces me to have to drop everything.

Davina: So why did you go in?

Snoozie: For the exposure, that’s all it was about.

Davina pulled a couple of faces. She seemed unsettled by this answer. She wanted more. But what more is there?

All the show has is expoeure. Snoozie has been exposed. And so has Big Brother…

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