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Judge For Yourself

by | 6th, August 2006

“DIANA. A mountain of new evidence but they can’t find a judge who will hear it.”

No problem. The Express can get its esteemed readership – experts in Diana’s post-death life – to play the judge. The paper loves a phone poll; each of its questions more loaded than George Bush at a frat house party.

But be warned: playing judge in the Diana inquest is no small matter.

A source, “a legal expert”, tells the Express: “In one way, it is hardly surprising that no one wants to step into Michel Burgess’s shoes [he resigned as head of the inquest citing pressure of work]. The Diana inquest is seen as poisoned chalice.”

A poisoned chalice? A princess! A fairytale life?

Elsewhere in the Express we learn that Mohammed Fayed, father of Dodi Fayed, is selling a “poignant memory of the tragedy”, the “secluded and imposing” property Castle de Ste-Therese in Parc de St Tropez. This is where Dodi wooed Diana. It’s the castle.

All that’s missing from this fairytale is for the prince to wake the sleeping beauty from her slumber.

But that’s unlikely (he’s married his mistress.) So instead of that happy ending we need some vengeance. And here is your chance, Daily Express readers.

Do you think Diana was murdered by Prince Philip standing on a grassy knoll in a Paris tunnel? Press 1 for “YES” and 2 for “NO, I AM DELUDED”.

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