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Victoria Beckham’s New Diet

by | 7th, August 2006

HAVING removed her hair extensions, Victoria Beckham might be lighter than ever. Indeed, there are rumours that if she removes her sunglasses and lip gloss she will blow away. It’s not just her family that keep her grounded.

And now there is news that Victoria is changing. In a new career move that will shock and amazed her fans, she is planning to put on weight.

The Mail reports that David Beckham has put his wife on a “carbohydrate-laden diet”.

Since no-one who isn’t a celebrity or American has a clue what a carbohydrate is, let alone how you pick one and cook it, the Mail finds a source willing to explain.

“Her new diet will be very carbohydrate-driven,” says the source, “and rather than picking at sushi and steamed vegetables, she will be tucking into lots of bread, pasta and brown rice – even crisps if that’s what she fancies.”

Interesting. And all the more interesting when we learn that such a diet can help you get pregnant.

The feeling at the Mail is that Posh is going for child No. 4 and carbohydrates are just what she needs to create a new Beckham.

And crisps…

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