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Mel Gibson’s A Victim

by | 7th, August 2006

“I FEEL bad for Mel, he’s a wonderful human being.”

There is nothing to suggest that Patrick Swayze, who delivers that line, has been drinking. This is his sober view on the Mel Gibson situation.

And the Sun hears him say more. “If anybody dares to pull this crap of messing with his career, it’s wrong,” says Patrick.

And at once Mel becomes the victim. Mel is a great guy. Mel is essentially human. And what human hasn’t had a few drinks and blamed all the wars of the world on Jews and called a policewoman sugartits, as Mel is alleged to have done?

As the Mirror hears Patrick say: “People say stupid things when they have a few.”

Mel’s not a racist. Mel is just stupid. D’oh! Look at the funny man saying the funny things.

Let’s not be too hard on him. And that includes anyone who dares mess with his wonderful career.

To shun Mel would be wrong. Although if the studio owners and producers do blacklist Mel while they’re drunk and call him a bigot and all manner of other names, they could be excused…

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