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Kate Moss Does Doherty

by | 8th, August 2006

THE Mirror has a big photograph of Kate Moss.

Kate is wearing a black leather coat of the type once favoured by the Gestapo and effete men in the mid 1970s.

But this is not the only news. The still bigger story is that Kate and Peter Doherty are “CRACK TOGETHER”.

There are no shots of the pair in a recording studio sniffing sherbet/cocaine/talcum powder/anthrax/etc., only one of Kate and Pete at the Rhythm music festival.

The Mirror looks on as Kate and Pete arrive together. “It’s a small intimate festival,” says one onlooker, “and the last person we expected to see was someone as glamorous as Kate Moss. But to see her and Pete was just phenomenal.”

It could be the Mirror talking. News that Cocaine Kate and pop f***wit Pete are back together should fill the considerable gap in the paper brought about by the imminent end of TV’s Big Brother.

And it could still be the paper’s man on the spot talking as the eyewitness says: “They were acting like a couple of honeymooners.”

The source goes on: “You’ve never seen a couple so tactile.” They were “stroking each other”, “laughing and touching the whole time” and “whispering sweet nothings”.

But it was not always so and the Mirror does not miss the chance to give its readers a potted history of Kate and Pete’s life, focusing on the drugs, the drugs and the, er, drugs.

Anyone would think that without drugs Kate and Pete are not so interesting. But they’d be wrong. Just get a load of Kate’s leather coat!

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