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Little Miss Mucca

by | 8th, August 2006

IS the Mail angling for a post-divorce interview with Lady Heather Mills McCartney?

In a piece on how the estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney arrives at the London home she once shared with the singer to find the locks not responding to her keys, she is called “Miss Mills”.

The locks have been changed and Miss Mills is said by a source to be “mortified”. For five minutes she fights to get in.

Things get worse when the security guard “failed to recognise her” and calls the police.

While the Mail’s Miss Mills struggles, the Mirror’s man in the street spots the police arrive and speak with “Lady Heather Mills-McCartney”.

This is front-page news. The paper senses her “public humiliation” in “another low” in her “increasingly acrimonious divorce” from Paul.

And there is a shift in the tale. Rather than Miss Mills waiting forlornly outside the house, the Mirror has her ladyship’s security guard scaling the mansion’s wall. This is why Paul’s guard called the police.

There seems to be some confusion. But at least the Sun is clear in its approach. In the front-page story “Mucca’s cop quiz”, the paper hears a “Mucc, Mucc” on the door.

There is mention of Lady Mucca’s “seedy porno past”. The whole thing is a “muck-up”. “Lady Mucca” is “embarrassed”.

And over in the Mail, Miss Mills is pictured standing next to her husband in happier times. At least this paper understands. Perhaps the Mail will understand when demure Miss Mills speaks to it after the divorce..?

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