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Whoops Apocalyto

by | 8th, August 2006

YOU’VE read about him in creationism classes. You’ve seen him make the lame walk and then jig about in an uncontrollable spasm of religious ecstasy. Now see Jesus the movie. In Latin.

You don’t have to be drunk out of your mind and looking for a warm, dry place to sit to enjoy Mel Gibson’s The Passion Of The Christ but many have found that it helps.

There is no suggestion whatsoever that Mel tried the trick himself to get through the movie.

And there is no substance to the news that Mel intends to give each cinemagoer brave/foolish/homeless enough to see his new show about the end of Mayan civilization a complimentary quart of tequila.

Of course if Mel really wants to get bums on seats he could just produce a home movie about his own recent adventures in what passes for his real Hollywood life.

This is the story, and it’s got Latin subtitles.

The Enquirer takes a look at Mel and says that he had been “drinking for months” before being stopped for allegedly speeding in Malibu.

We learn that in filming Apocalyto in Mexico, Mel behaved like a “pathetic drunk”.

A crew member tells the Enquirer: “He constantly fought with cast and crew. He showed up on the set disheveled, confused and talking to himself [in Latin?]. He was drinking heavily at night.”

The magazine also tells us that Mel developed a “disturbing nervous tic.”

We are not told how this tic was manifest only that it was there. And that in The Passion II: The Tequila Years, Jesus might have one just like it…

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