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Intimately Yours

by | 9th, August 2006

YOU’VE got the hair, the perma-tan and the bust, now all you need is the expression and you too can be just like Victoria Beckham.

And hold the collagen gun. All you need to get that pout is to do as Vicky does and suck on a lemon. But take care, as the Star says: “She sucks on lemon to get preggy.” Lemons can make you pregnant? And not just lemons but oranges, grapefruits and apples.

A source says that someone told Vicky that eating a highly acidic diet will boost her chances of giving birth to a girl.

But if fruit is not your thing, do not despair. The Mirror says that Vicky is bringing out a new fragrance – your body can smell like hers even if your breath doesn’t.

Called Intimately, the eau de Vicky will come in a pink and silver box. What it smells like is anyone’s guess but don’t rule out a heady bouquet of lemons.

And take care not to confuse Vicky’s essence with her husband’s. Day-vid perfume is also called Intimately and might not smell of lemons but of something more in keeping with his life, like sweat, grass and new money…

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