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An Imperfect Ten

by | 10th, August 2006

There are now ten housemates in the Big Brother compound. TEN!. That’s the same number as were in the house when the first Big Brother began.

Now with just over a week to go until the end, there are ten housemates remaining.

Less is more. And more is so very much less.

And more of Grace, the charmless, grasping, sneery, wannabe, the Violet Elizabeth Bott who screams for attention has driven us over the edge.

We may not be able to get back the hours we invested in the show, but we can sue for our money.

Anyone who paid money to vote out anyone on the show should be refunded in full.

To petition for a refund you need to present proof that you voted on the show to ICSTIS, the premium-rate number phone regulator.

And an estimated 6million votes have been made. And at 50p a call that’ s £3milllon Big Brother owes its biggest fans.

So go for it. And even better, contact one of those ambulance chasing legal firms that advertise on daytime telly. Tell them that you want to sue Big Brother for wasting your time and ruining your enjoyment of a TV show.

Remember the promise, the verbal contract that secures your vote: “Who goes? Who stays? You decide.” It was a lie.

Now go and get your money back…

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