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The Big Twist

by | 11th, August 2006

HOW many people can you get in the Big Brother house?

We ask because there is a rumour going around that on tomorrow night’s eviction the tables will be turned.

Anyone and everyone outside the compound will be put inside the compound, and those inside will all leave. The housemates will start watching us.

It will be just ace and should give the show the impetus it needs to carry on for another season.

Has Beens

That’ll teach Pete, Glyn and Aisleyne to be popular.

While their less popular housemates cavort in the house next door and get all the headlines, they are sat in the old house. They have no fun. They have nothing new. They have Gyny for company.

The house next door is the place to be. It’s where anybody who has designs on being a somebody is at.

Four of the six have journeyed to the outside world and they have tales to tell. They are all now mega-famous and sooo successful.

If they’ve not been opening local mini-marts, they’ve been appearing on local radio. It’s been just awesome. People stop them in the street just to touch the hems of their bikinis.

Lea has eyebrows made of a new prototype felt-tip pen (very hush-hush); Grace has been voted one of the most dislikeable people in the WORLD by one of Melton Mowbray’s leading websites, coming in above Euan Blair and below Hezbollah; Nikkkki has worn a pair of gold hotpants; and Mikey has spent the brief period between leaving the house and going back in at a HOTEL! In LONDON!!

Meanwhile, back in the main house, Aisleyne is feeling cheated (rightly), Pete is being nice and Glyn is being a nerd.

And Gyny. Well, she’s dreaming of stardom…

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