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by | 11th, August 2006

ONE Jab, Two Jags, Three Pads, Four Shags… John Prescott’s soubriquets are numerate and numerous.

And this morning we can add to them 20,000 Biros.

Okay, so it’s a crap nickname – but it has the recommendation of being true as this morning’s Indy reports that just before his department was axed JP ordered 20,000 ballpoint pens bearing the legend The Office Of The Deputy Prime Minister.

The cost was a modest £3,450 – which is about a day on the croquet lawn for this ex and never very able seaman.

“Even ordering stationary [sic] correctly is beyond the man,” Tory MP Greg Hands tells the Indy.

Even spelling the word stationery correctly, however, is beyond the paper.

And we are reminded of an expression about stones and glass houses. Especially grace and favour ones…

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