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Grace Is A Veruca

by | 12th, August 2006

"She’s going for that net curtain look," says Grace. "It’s the worse f***ing thing I’ve seen in my life."

Grace is back. And she’s been talking about Aisleyne’s dress, the one the Londoner wore for her eviction into the house next door.

Grace doesn’t like it. And this is Grace from the provinces, the girl who wears cowboy boots. John Prescott wears cowboy boots.

Grace is back on our screens. She should be sat on a pony in a paddock somewhere off the M3. She should be bullying the new girl at class, the one with the polyester-mix dress and last season’s shoes. She should be screaming and screaming and screaming until she is sick. She should be called Veruca Salt.

But she is not. She is none of those things. Grace is sat in the house next door and she is bitching and sneering about Aisleyne.

How did Grace make it back onto the show? Did her daddy and mummy sit up all night telephoning into the premium rate lines, voting for their darling, their gorgeous and oh-so talented girl?

We don’t know. All we know is that Grace is back. And she is back in time to celebrate her 21st birthday.

And her reward for making it to 21 is to spend 21 minutes in the actual Big Brother house.

And that means meeting the people more popular than her – including Aisleyne. And everyone else…

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