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Now Wee Are One

by | 14th, August 2006

Having cultivated a romance with Pete while out of the house, Nikkkki is now with Pete in the house. The poor lad doesn’t stand a chance.

This is Pete who when confronted with the hideous Grace hid in the toilet and pretended to have a wee that lasted 21 minutes.

Nikkki will be harder to avoid. Pete is Nikkkki’s ticket to fame.

Pete cannot know that during her spell in exile, Nikkki banged on about how wonderful he was. She and Pete were special. She and Pete were meant to be. Her mum and Pete’s mum were new bessie mates.

We were to forget that while she was in the house, she and Pete had been far from inseparable. Sure they had kissed but who hasn’t kissed Pete? The boy craves affection. There is something of the chimpanzee about Pete as he arches his back and pushes his head into the nearest available chest.

And here they are now back together. And here comes Nikkki screaming out of the Diary Room like a five-year-old high on sunset orange colouring and coke.

Nikkkkkkkki runs up to Richard first. She greets him like a child hugging her dad after he’s been away on business. Then Pete moves in. He hugs her. If it moves Pete hugs it.

And after the greeting, Nikkki and Pete are alone in the bedroom. They hug. It’s what they do.

But it’s too much like that moment at the school disco when the last tune strikes up and you’ve been lumbered with one you don’t really fancy but feel obliged to carry on holding.

They sway on the spot. They look unsure. And Pete looks like he needs the toilet…

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