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Camp Fire

by | 14th, August 2006

WE’VE all seen them, those grainy images of men who don’t get enough sex running about the place firing guns and bursting into buildings.

The landscape looks so foreign, all shades of beige with rocky bits. But look closely and you can almost make out a sign for the local pub and “Ye olde cake shoppe”.

The Guardian reports that rather than being in some remote inhospitable location, terrorists have been training in the sun-scorched national parks of England and Wales.

The paper says detectives have watched men with connections to terrorism training at camps in the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales.

Just last July we saw pictures of Edgware Road bomber Mohammed Sidique Khan and Aldgate bomber Shezad Tanweer hurtling down rapids on a whitewater rafting trip in North Wales on the preceding June. They were the “WHITEWATER TERRORISTS” (Mirror).

But rather than getting their kicks from the thrill of orienteering and wearing ugly clothes in the great outdoors, the Guardian says police “believe they have clear evidence the men were preparing a mission of some sort, not enjoying a camping holiday”.

Someone described as Lake District local says: "Frankly, I would have thought they would have stood out."

No, they would not. It’s hard to see anyone’s face, let alone to read their intention, when their heads are swathed in a bright red cagoule. What is a pacamac if not a waterproof burka?

But we live in challenging times. And we urge vigilance. Anyone seen running around the countryside and looking like they are enjoying themselves should be reported to the authorities.

Fell-walkers, ramblers and climbers attempting the three-peak challenge, the four-peak challenge or Kendal Mint Cake will be shot…

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