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by | 15th, August 2006

“HE was greatly impressed by the work going on there and the patience shown by the public. He extended his thanks."

John Prescott has undertaken a “fact-finding” mission to British airports and those words are from the Minister for Tony’s Summer Holidays’ spokesman.

So as not to add to the congestion, Prescott thoughtfully arrived at the airports by Jaguar car; and avoided the busier airports, popping up at Humberside and Robin Hood, near Doncaster and Stansted, “the least affected of the London airports”.

And this was selfless. While Prezza was looking after us, who was looking after him?

If we are under attack – Anorak’s Terror Threat Level barometer hovers at the “DOOMED” mark – the chance to explode the stand-in Prime Minister as he motors about the country is a tempting one.
It would be better if the metal panels on his dark blue Jaguar were replaced with transparent Perspex sheets so the authorities can more easily see what’s inside. And that all drivers follow suit.

Better still if Prescott could set the example by going about dressed in a clear plastic cagoule. Anyone attempting to move about the country would be invited to do the same.

And this may well come to pass. The Times relates the story of one Lorraine McKessick who travelled by coach from Aberdeen to London.

This sounds like the kind of journey only a mad person would make by public transport, and Lorraine was duly scrutinised.

And she was asked/told by the driver and ticket collector to put her “travel survival kit” (food, drink, book) into the coach’s before she could made the 12-hour journey

Lorraine complied. “It was the worst journey of my life,” says she, pictured in the Times alongside her nephew, who did not travel with her. “I couldn’t even sleep through it; it was totally chaotic.”

Indeed. But what choice have we but to be patient and put up with the added security, the profiling and the waiting? Sure, we could hitch a lift with Prescott – but how do we know we can trust him?

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