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Dirty Harry

by | 15th, August 2006

FOLLOWING the sensational news that middle-classes aren’t always white and law abiding (see the alleged plot to attack Heathrow Airport), the Sun brings more news of the changing social strata.

The paper’s front page (“DIRTY HARRY”) shows flame-haired Prince Harry on a “wild night out” in London”. Harry is in the company of one Natalie Pinkham.

But you’d be mistaken for supposing that the prince and the young gel are taking tea in the gazebo or discussing fine art in the vicar’s parlour in a racy manner. Harry is fianced to Chelsy Davy of the African Davys, say you, and having kissed her convention necessitates marriage.

But you are wrong. The picture of Harry, taken in London’s Boujis nightclub, shows the royal cradling Natalie’s breast.

Inside the paper, spread over two pages, we see another shot of “THE PAW PRINCE”, and yet another as Harry, now dubbed “SQUEEZER GEEZER” kisses the cheek of a second girl.

“Harry was really going for it,” says a source. “He had his hands all over her [Natalie] and was kissing her on the face. At one point he reached his arm around her and gave her a proper grope on the breast.”

It is a scene enacted in many less salubrious clubs and drinking holes and shows us that in touching a commoner Harry has developed the common touch.

The onlooker says Natalie seemed “very shocked” but didn’t mind much. “I don’t suppose it’s every day an heir to the throne feels you up.”

Indeed not. Being fondled in public by a royal is a rare honour afforded to only the truly fortunate. Natalie joins an elite band who can boast chests by royal appointment.

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