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No Lady

by | 16th, August 2006

WE know from the Sun that Prince Harry is every girl’s dream date, but what about a dream date for the “fellas”.

For the answer we turn to the Mirror. No (tee hee!) we’re not suggesting that we turn our own pallid faces to the looking glass and see a row of gay clones winking back at us.

We simply mean that if one turns to page 7 of the Daily Mirror, one will find the story of the man who won a “dream date” with Lady Isabella Hervey, and how this dream turned, with tabloid inevitability, into a “nightmare”.

Dave Holland from Wigan won a meal with “posh” lady Isabella at a restaurant on the French Riviera. But the disgruntled prize-winner claims that she ignored him, and preferred to chat to the TV crew and have phone conversations with her posh pals.

In the end Dave got so annoyed that he “stripped down to his pants at the table”.

Hmm. Without wishing to be too judgmental, we suspect that there might be another side to this story. Perhaps the phone calls were along the lines of “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”.

Still, let’s give Dave the benefit of the doubt, and assume that he merely acted as any reasonable man would have done in the circumstances.

We have to admit that Lady Isabella doesn’t sound much like a dream date. Dave says she ignored him all day, ordered a drink for herself and said, “Oh, do you want one?” She then told him that she isn’t like normal people and isn’t used to being around them.

“She’s not nasty, she just isn’t on the same planet,” says Dave, who reckons that “you get women who are 10 times prettier out in Wigan on a Friday night”.

Not a fair comparison, of course, as even old Mr Anorak looks pretty in Wigan on a Friday night, providing you’ve got the beer goggles on. We’re sure that Lady Isabella would also prove acceptable providing one had taken enough strong drink to overlook her appalling manners.

A spokeswoman said that Lady Isabella’s “had a great time” and “really enjoyed the date”.

All right for some.

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